August 30, 2020

Acrylic Reader is Here

Acrylic Reader project is launched.

After my 2 recent pull requests to Fluent Reader, I gave up to merge new features to Fluent Reader because yang991178 closed both my 2 pull requests. To know more about this, read my recent post.


Acrylic Reader is fully based on Fluent Reader and will keep up to date with it. Also I will add and improve some features of it.

The logo of Acrylic Reader

Go to Acrylic Reader’s GitHub home page to know more about this project.

Till now, Acrylic Reader has 2 more features than Fluent Reader and 1 feature merged into Fluent Reader. But why didn’t I merge them into Fluent Reader?

Why didn’t I merge them into Fluent Reader

I have tried twice to merge my new features to Fluent Reader, but failed twice. yang991178 didn’t review my pull requests and closed them. To know what pull requests they are, go to yang991178/fluent-reader #86 and #88.


yang991178 said that he thought my pull requests’s animation update is not necessary. But his animation is really rigid that cuts the shadow when playing. And said that my animation will squeeze the contents. But my animation doesn’t.

I am really disappointed, but I want to keep my new features. So Acrylic Reader launched.

Acrylic Reader will give you a better experience and more useful features.

I’m glad to merge all of my new features to Fluent Reader if yang991178 want to in the future.

To know what new features in Acrylic Reader are, visit the home page of Acrylic Reader.

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