I started to be curious about code in about 2018. And a teacher of mine gave me C++ Primer Plus as a gift. Since then, I started looking for the technologies I like.

I the summer of 2018, I even created my first blog without any site generators, all by my hands. Without CSS and JavaScript, I put all the stylesheets in attribute style and all the buttons are powered by links.

I joined GitHub in 2019 with my websites.

The screen shot of when I joined GitHub

By trying, learning and practicing JavaScript, CSS and more, a year was past.

In 2020, I became more confident in my skills. I published two packages, videoplayer.js and tooltiplery.js to npm in spring, 2020. They are no longer supported.

In summer, 2020, I created my new blog with Hexo, which you are currently visiting. Also, I made a brand new theme for my new blog - Theme Cupertino. Plus, I started contributing some open source projects.

I published a browser extension called GitHub Dark Mode to implementdark mode for GitHub.com.

In autumn 2020, GitHub officially implemented their dark mode, so GitHub Dark Mode was archived. For some enhanced visual features on GitHub.com, I published GitHub Enhancing. It adds acrylic and some animations to GitHub.com, which makes it more interactive.

In summer 2021, RSA CLI turned stable, and RSA GUI was in beta test.

This blog is based on Hexo, automatically built by GitHub Actions. You can visit it from blog.mrwillcom.vercel.app (powered by Vercel) or mrwillcom.github.io (powered by GitHub Pages).

This theme is called Cupertino, it’s open source and you can get it here.

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This post is written by Mr. Will, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.