May 31, 2022

Hello, Tags, Categories, LaTeX and Rainbow!

Introducing tags & categories features, and 🌈 rainbow banner. Update to experience them! 🆙

Tags & Categories

Tags and categories are now implemented in Theme Cupertino. No further configuration required, just add tags and categories properties to your posts’ front-matter.

Really good news, LaTeX is now supported in Theme Cupertino:

Or maybe like this:

By default, this feature is disabled and optional. You can choose the renderer you like. Check out docs.

🌈 Rainbow Banner

June is coming, if you would like to show your pride and support LGBT, or just simply like the rainbow, you will certainly like this feature. It provides a gorgeous rainbow banner right on your navigation. It’s also customizable, you can change its colors to any colors you want. Check out docs.

Get started now by installing/updating Theme Cupertino, and ⭐star it if you like it!

About this Post

This post is written by Mr. Will, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.