August 29, 2020

Closed. Closed Again.

yang991178/fluent-reader #86 and yang991178/fluent-reader #88 are closed by yang991178.

Before reading the following, you need to know what is Fluent Reader. To know it, read my recent post.


I’ve submitted a pull request to update acrylic effect for Fluent Reader which is designed to give users better experience, it is merged at last. That is my first time to contribute to this repository.

Also, that is my first time to use Fluent Reader. It is the best RSS reader I’ve never seen before. But it’s not perfect with many small problems.

After this, I forked Fluent Reader and started to improve it then I submitted my first pull request to Fluent Reader.

Before merging this pull request yang991178 added a new animation for the menu and merged. This animation is based on clip-path and is not smooth which will cut the shadow when playing, this is a slow motion record of this animation.

So I edited it and created a new pull request #86:

Before (By yang991178)

After (By Me)

The animation by yang991178 is based on CSS clip-path which will "clip" the shadow and will affect the animation speed curve.

The animation by me based on CSS width will not.

But yang991178 closed my pull request just on the day I opened it without reviewing it just because he has tried to realize it with CSS width, but he found this animation will “squeeze” the contents.

I got that, too. But I fixed it with CSS overflow then the animation is almost perfect now as the video.

I still commented in that pull request, but 3 days later, yang991178 still didn’t respond.

I created a new pull request then, but he closed it again in ONE day without reviewing.

I’ve gave it up now, but I have a new plan now.

New Plan

I’m going to clone Fluent Reader’s source code and create a new repository contains it, I will keep this copy up to date and will improve it, but won’t create any pull request to merge to his source repository again. But if yang991178 request me to merge to his source repository, I’ll still be glad to merge.

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